Winters can be damaging to a roof. While your business might have many other tasks on your spring to-do list, do not ignore the roof over your head.

Although your roof protects your business and everything in it from the elements, it is easy to forget. Unless there are visible water stains on the ceiling, you won’t even know if there’s a leak. Attic insulation will absorb those small drips, which could start mold growth.   

#1 — The Gutters Need to be Cleaned & Checked for Damage

During the winter, snow and ice shift and scrape the protective granules off the shingles. Those granules from your shingles, leaves, and other debris pile up in the gutters and clog downspouts.  

They will need to be cleaned this out before the spring rains. After the gutters have been cleaned, any caulk that might have worn away from its joints will need to be replaced. 

#2 — The Shingles and Flashing Need to be Inspected

Additionally, when the ice and snow shift, it can damage shingles and tear up caulk or roof tar meant to fill the holes made by nails in the flashing. Loose shingles can get ripped off during the Spring winds.

Too many curled or cracked shingles could point to necessary repairs or replacement. It would be best to get the professionals at Northway Commercial to inspect your business’s roof and make repairs. 

Be sure to record any significant damage to your roof with photos or videos. Your insurance could cover some or all of the repairs.

#3 — Check for Mold or Algae Growth

Although it’s natural for spring to bring algae and mold to the roof, it could spell early replacement for your roof if left to fester. Likewise, there are DIY products you can use as treatment options. However, it would help if you had a roofing professional inspect before using chemicals on your roof. 

And, by no means, use a pressure hose on your shingled roof. It will clean off the mold and algae, but it will also knock the protective granules off your shingles.      

Call Northway Commercial for Your Business’s Complimentary Roof Inspection

Scheduling a complimentary roof inspection will provide you with peace of mind. It is worth the small investment to get a thorough roof inspection to ensure there is no damage or get the repairs completed when there is. 

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