Just as Punxsutawney Phil predicted: Spring is here… along with a roof replacement rush to follow. Read below why it’s important to secure for a roof replacement consultation right now. 

April showers bring May … roof leaks.  

Planning ahead for Spring due to Winter wear and tear will save you money. According to Buildings.com, building owners and facility managers who regularly scheduled a roof inspection paid an average of 14 cents per square foot, annually, as opposed to those who paid an average of 25 cents per square foot when taking a reactive approach. Start securing your roof inspections now to avoid a knee-jerk, emergency roof repair which can be more costly than regularly scheduled maintenance, inspection or roof replacement. 

As the temperature heats up, so will the market 

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down commercial roofing contractors. We have been busy with roof inspection, maintenance and roof replacement while keeping our employees and customers’ safety top of mind. As such, with the rising temperatures, we expect another busy commercial construction season come Spring (which Punxsutawney Phil claims will be here in six short weeks). Securing a roof replacement consultation now will allow you to complete work according to a schedule that’s convenient for you.  

We are living in a material world 

‘Supply and demand’ is the name of the game. Securing your project now may yield in overall cost savings as opposed waiting until Spring when contractors get busier. We’ve already seen price increases – more planned for month of March. According to Roof Calculator, Spring is when material costs start to increase. Scheduling a roof replacement consultation now will help save money later. 

Replacing your roof is the cool thing to do 

Spring roof replacement is an excellent way to defend your building from the summer heat, says Buildings.com. Leaks, gaps, and broken seals can make cooling costs go through the roof. Alternatively, the right type of materials can act as an insulator and reduce reliance on air conditioning. Meaning more indirect cost savings to your bottom line. 

Contact Northway Commercial for a free roof consultation to help get into the Spring of things before the rush hits.